Thanks for visiting my on-line gallery. I think you’ll find an interesting mix of contemporary and vintage fine art photographs. I offer many moderately priced works, including silver gelatin prints, gravures, pigment inkjet (giclée) prints, platinum prints, and color images. Browsers are very much welcome! There are many images by well-known photographers, some by less known artists, and some fine images by photographers whose names are lost to history. Within this  vernacular category I have also included some applied photography—images that were originally intended for advertising and commercial purposes.

My life has been deeply enriched by my involvement in fine art photography, now in its sixth decade. In the 1970s, I owned a custom photo lab that served many art photographers and also had a street-level gallery. Today, my New Jersey studio has a traditional darkroom, as well as digital facilities for scanning and large-format printing. As a result, I am able to offer carefully crafted modern prints generated from vintage sources such as glass plate negatives and early Kodachrome transparencies. I hope you enjoy exploring my categories of images. Each image is accompanied by a brief description in the upper left of the screen. More detail about each lot can be found on the Inventory page (in the Information section.) Please visit the Contact page if you are interested in purchasing any of the prints you find here. I hope you enjoy your visit!

—Bruce Parker

Homepage image:  Havana Yacht Club, Cuba, 1933, silver print, 8 3/4 x 12  inches, Lot 8372 [sold]